Tuesday 31st July 2018
Mount's Ink Packaging Innovation!

Mount Packaging were tasked with developing a fully bespoke packaging system, capable of with filling solvent based inks. The machine was to be designed to run with as little human interference as possible. Not only did this add difficulty and a challenge but the machine also had to run through two different areas of the intended site.

The machine was set to start in a safe area where a an operator would place a disposable tray, filled with a set of cartridges, onto an infeed table. Once placed on the table, the containers are moved into position and singulated onto the main conveyor. Upon leaving the table, the cartridges go through a a custom designed orientation check.

The main conveyor then passes through a wall and into an ATEX zone where the containers begin to enter the filling system. The filling system consists of individual pump units, allowing rapid changeover between product types. The three head filler has the ability to run on individual heads to allow for shorter production runs and minimized contamination.

After leaving the filler, the products run through a a crimp capper. This system was sent to Mount to be added into the filling line. Mount were given the crimper and refurbished all of the components, making the machine far more efficient.

Once the cartridges have been capped, they are then moved along the conveyor, back through the wall, and pass through a Mount Cap Checker. Here, the bottles are checked all around to ensure that the caps are in the correct place and aren’t damaged. The system was specifically developed and designed to work around the containers given allowing a solution that is consistent and specific to the task.

The entire line was designed to run with no size changes. The machine is capable of running on two different cartridges; a 1L and a 500ml. Through careful planning and preparation, mount was able to complete this task efficiently and to meet the specification of the project. The machine was geared up in a way where sensors could perform multiple tasks to allow for the two different sized containers. This allowed for a far more cost effective end product and more reliable for the customer.

The entire project was a unique design to Mount and allowed for new machinery to be developed in the process. The project highlighted that Mount is a unique manufacturer within the industry and shows the experience and technical knowledge that ultimately allows for a highly efficient, completely bespoke product.

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