Tuesday 31st July 2018
Mount Integrating Old Machinery

Here at Mount, we take pride in our ability to adapt to situations and give the customer what they want. Sometimes this involves taking old, redundant machinery and bringing it back to life with help of the Mount engineering team. We have handled these situations many times now and we can integrate other machinery into our lines with ease.

The latest line to undergo this treatment was part of a multi-line project for the oil industry. When talking to the customer, we quickly learnt that they had an old capper sat in their factory that they wanted to utilize but no longer had the support from the original manufacturer. We quickly reassured them that all was not lost and that we are capable of refurbishing, improving and updating the outdated technologies used within the capping system.

Moving forwards, we were sent the capping system and quickly got to work, stripping it back to the bare bones and removing all the unnecessary components. Our expert team of engineers then rebuilt the machine around a brand new Mount conveyor, and began to integrate the capper into the new system. The machine consisted of a Mount; infeed table system, labeller, filling machine and conveyor.

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